Irene, buenas noches.

31 Aug

Well, I have not posted for a while and lots has happened.  Since my sort-of-bleak postings about London, I have completed my 1st level exams for my doctoral program.  This is a HUGE milestone for me.  Going to school while working is no joke, people!  And I have been in school pretty much forever!!! (But in all honesty, I love learning new things, so I cannot complain.)

A few days after submitting the exam, I was dealing with Irene here in NYC.  Luckily, like the exam, it was not too bad.  I think the worst thing about it all was hearing poor Mayor Bloomberg’s pitiful, just pitiful, Spanish.  I do give him props for trying, but in all honesty – Spanish is a phonetic language, so anyone technically can speak it.  However, without the proper accent, it makes absolutely no sense.  As I read in an article yesterday, “In emergency situations…it would not be safe to listen to Bloomberg alone.”  Bloomie needs to try a wee bit more.  (Although as he mentions, he is 69, and I must say, homeboy looks good for his age!  Work it out Mayorador!)  See below.–viva-el-bloombito

Yup.  Listening to Bloomberg alone, when he is speaking in Spanish, can be bad for your health, mi gente!

We have been having a series of beautiful, crisp sunny days with blue skies here in NYC after the rains and wind.  But, something about this time of year always makes me a bit pensive, nostalgic and sad.  Maybe this particular year more than others.

I dedicate this song (one of my favorites by one of my favorite singers) to New Orleans, London, and NYC, as well as all those towns and cities recently affected by Irene.

The news from London

10 Aug

reminds me of the Ministry song, So What?


9 Aug

The news from London is heartbreaking.  I am so sad.

Snippets of a journey

3 Aug

What I left…

Looking forward


what I saw….

Life (Guard) Changes

Fellow travelers

London, Eye have my I on You!

these shoes are made for creeping

Fine Feathered Friends

Blue skies on the horizon

Thrown to the lions

Hitting the bottle

A well turned high-heel

and what was waiting for me when I got home…

Things are looking up!

London called!

28 Jul

And I answered.  I was away for a mini-whirl-wind tour of London and Paris, visiting some very very VERY good friends.   It was awesome, and exactly what I needed to gain some perspective.

I am actually seriously considering moving to London in a year or two, despite the gloomy weather.  (Although I heart heart heart NYC and it is my true blue home. But I digress…)

And I deleted my online profile before I left.  After that yucky email from Mr. Teeth, I was left with SUCH a bad taste in my mouth.  I really thought about it, and concluded, “I just do not want to do this anymore!”

And you know what?  I feel GREAT!

I had a few revelations about my particular online dating adventures, and although I do not regret having attempted it, I took a good, long, hard look at the facts and concluded:

1) I have not had the best experiences meeting men online.

2) Something about being a woman online makes men* (*heterosexual men* ) think (maybe unconsciously, but definitely erroneously) that she is “too” available – even if these same dudes  are looking for someone that is available and interested in having a relationship.  It is hard for me to put into words, and it is only my opinion based on my experiences.  But,  it was a bit of a light-bulb moment for me.  And it finally made sense as to why kind of normal, regular nice guys can all of a sudden kind of act like pricks when you begin interacting with them in the online world.  In other words, if a guy spots you at a party or through a friend, there isn’t a little sign over your head (or caption under your chin) saying “I am interested in meeting someone, and that someone could be you!” (Not that this is my profile slogan, but you get the gist of what I am saying.)

Instead, he has to wonder, has to ask, has to talk to you, approach you – and that gives you the chance to get a gut sense of whether he is worth your time or not.

Even if it is a blind date/set-up sort of thing, a friend is usually brokering the situation – like “oh, I think you two may get along.”  It is not like you, as the “available woman”, are acting as your own broker.

Again, hard for me to explain.  And this is not to say that maybe in a year or two I may change my mind.  But by then, I may be in London.  And the bottom line is that I have a sneaky suspicion that the guy for me most likely is not looking for me online.

Time to step away…

19 Jul

from the internet world of meeting potential mates.

Here is an email I received from Mr. Teeth yesterday:

“Hi Goyagrrl,

wondering what to try to do this week. are you leaving wed or thursday?
i’m very likely going away on wed afternoon, so we’d probably have
to meet up tomorrow, i guess? is that too much a stress, too much to do?
this week is all of a sudden a crush for time….

how you?

Mr. Teeth”

Here was my response:

“Hi Mr. Teeth,

I am well…hope all is well on your end.  I am leaving for out of town on Wednesday  and pretty booked up until then.  Also, it has truly been very nice getting to know you and hanging out. I just do not think there are any real
sparks between us. I wish you all the best of luck and hope everything works
out .

And this was HIS response…

“Whew. I’m glad you said it first!
You’re a cool girl…Probably you have a good network of friends, maybe
we even overlap a bit, you know?
Stay in touch if you like. I have some pretty decent single guy friends. ;)”

Really?  REALLY?  Come on.  I just find his response so irritating and condescending.  Is it just me?  Wouldn’t a “thanks for letting me know,”  suffice?

Other than that – this is my 100th 101st post!  Yeah, blog!  And I am leaving town for about a week so, until then….


18 Jul

What can I say?  It was a pretty non-stressful second date.  But it was also pretty much a non-ANYTHING date.  The guy did not take any sort of initiative to make plans and we wound up walking around aimlessly in the park.  I do not necessarily mind this in general, but I was not feeling all that great and I was pretty tired from earlier in the day.  And it was hot and humid.  After about two and a half hours, I said, “I am sorry but I am beat, I need to head home.”

And to be honest, I kind of started to get the the sense over the course of our emails during the week that the dude is just sort of wishy-washy.  That, plus the EXTREMELY startling realization that both the top AND bottom set of teeth were really, really (I mean, REALLY) messed up, along with a wandering left eye (literally, not a euphemism) and well….I just did not find myself all that attracted to him.  Pure and simple.  Very nice, decent and smart.  Those qualities I like very much.  But missing some other qualities that I most certainly need in order to make the effort to continue to hang out.

Plus, I have an inkling he also was not feeling it, either- as he:

A) Did not try to smooch me.

B) Has not contacted me since Saturday evening.

So, all is good in the world.

Too bad, though.  I did fall into deep like  with his dog, and she has much nicer, evenly aligned teeth.