Goya coffee however, is not this good!

You may wonder why I chose the name Goyagrrl. Well, if you are a born and bred New York City Latina, there is no way you could have grown up without some Goya products making a regular appearance in your home and at meals.  Plus, it is kind of like a play on “you go girl.”  I must say,  I think that is pretty clever on my part.

Also, Francisco Goya is one of my favorite artists – his etchings in particular.  There is one “El sueño de la razon produce monstruos” that roughly translates into “the sleep of reason brings forth monsters.”  However, “sueño” in Spanish can mean both “sleep” and “dream”.  (see: http://litmed.med.nyu.edu/Annotation?action=view&annid=12796)

Sometimes, the dreams of our reason can produce monsters in disguise.  I just turned 38 39.  Pretty scary stuff.  At heart, I am still just a kid from the Bronx, but I have to face facts – I am an adult woman.  Hence, grrrrrrl.


2 Responses to “About….?Como?”

  1. delightfuleccentric February 1, 2011 at 1:34 am #

    Is that a picture of your cat at the top? Because if so, mine looks very similar! 🙂

    • goyagrrl February 1, 2011 at 3:14 pm #

      Hello there!

      Yes, it is my cat – his name is Don Gato. He is quite a character.

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