Recalcitrante riot

23 Jul

Recently, I was called “recalcitrant” by a colleague. This person has already accused me of creating a “hostile work environment” with nothing to back the accusation. Yet..somehow, despite being unprofessional and using the tactics of a school-yard bully, name-calling and trying to intimidate others, while not using any of his energy to actually do the duties required of his role professionally, this person is receiving a nice chunk of change. Every 2 weeks.  As Holly Golightly would say, the mind reels.  Also, “quel rat”.

I take this label of recalcitrant in both pride and stride. I offer you this definition:

: obstinately defiant of authority or restraint

Let’s cut the bull. I am a 46 year old professional. My colleague is in no way my superior. If I am calling you out on the fact that you do not do your job, repeatedly throw others under the bus, and are completely unethical as a researcher –  and this is evidenced – and the response is that I am obstinate and defiant of “authority”  and “uncooperative toward discipline” then – yup, I am recalcitrant.

But dearie. You still are not doing your job and basically stealing time, resources and money. And getting away with it!  So, I proudly now wear the recalcitrante researcher badge con honor! Am thinking of having multiple T-shirts printed with English and Spanish words and definitions on front and back and wearing them daily to my office! Will make getting dressed for work each morning much easier!


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