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Reason #1. Cats are natural squatters.

19 Sep

squatter cats, squatting.



They just truly do not give A F.



RE-VAMPING my blog

17 Sep

So, years have passed.

Since, we last tuned in:

I have:

Left my old job;

Had my midlife crisis, doing so in my very own version of Eat Pray Love (blech) but more like cry, cry, cry in Nepal, India and China.  Am so thankful to have good friends;

Found a much better job.

And at the current moment, I am:

45, almost finished with my doctorate (say WHAT?), and like that Emiliana Torrini song goes – “never married, never had those kids…”.  This last part was a source of great sadness, for a very long time.  I grieved, and grieved, and grieved.  And then, I moved on.

So – what is in store for “More than Meets the Eye” now?

It came to me at 3AM the other night. As many wonderful, intelligent, and fabulous ideas do.  (This also happens to me in the shower, too).  Sometimes, I forget.  Sometimes, in the morning light, as I towel off, I think “hmmmm.  nope, that is just nonsense.”  But sometimes – chispa!  A spark is born…

The seeds of this particular chispa were first planted when I was a senior in high school, when I created a character, “Alex the Cat,” for extra credit in my psychology class with Mr. “Chippy” Kelleher. Unbeknownst to me, the chispa-seed was silently budding, during the lovely but all too short years that I spent with my beloved Don Gato (RIP, chichi).  And then continued to percolate away when Buddy the Budster entered my life.

You see – cats are the true anarchists of this planet.  And I am going to prove my theory in this here blog.  Tune in, same cat time, same cat channel.

This is my parallel universe dissertation.  Welcome.