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11 Nov

Hello all,

I have been away for quite some time. And in all honesty, not much has been going on. I just have been living my life – trying to remain present. At times, it is very difficult – especially now that I am truly owning my deepest desires and wants, and finally accepting that some of these things are really not within my power and control. It is a constant process of accepting and letting go, owning and holding, remaining and releasing.
Add to that school, work, some (emotional) trips for family gatherings, friends, dressing up as Frida Kahlo for Halloween (Ha!  My friend went as Freddie Mercury, so we were both “famous people with mustaches”), alone time, exercise, and the absolutely necessary amount of time needed to catch up on Gossip Girl (you know I love me some Gossip Girl!)…the months have flown by since my last post.

It is now truly autumn. We have even had a snow storm here in NYC! The radiators regularly jingle-jangle in my apartment.

Nothing too exciting, and at times I feel stuck. But I am still here. And for the most part, I am doing pretty well. I may *even* be ready for some dating (again).

We shall see….

I am considering signing off on blogging for now. I began this whole process as a way to deal with a difficult relationship, and then the pain and grief of having to end it. This blog has helped me heal. And I am ready to move on.

Vamos a ver…