I also know my life is not a Bollywood film, or an action-adventure movie, or a French indy flick.

22 Sep

I emailed my friends with pretty much the same info I shared on the blog yesterday.

My friend J responded with this and I almost spit up my coffee laughing while reading it this morning at my desk.

“...yes, in regular movies, it would have been that chance glance that would have sealed your fate.

i think in boy movies, you would have been walking away in slow motion from some explosion, and then with the firey background, and hair fluttering with wind blowing in the right direction so it would be bouncy and boot heels that would, in reality, have been impossible to walk in, you would have done some gymnastics…

My dress would have looked awesome on this bike!

and in a hindi film, he would begin to gyrate his hips, and start singing, as you coyly, sulkyly ignored him, and then you would have started belting out your verse, and then the whole train including the conductor would have joined in the chorus….

Makes any ride on the 6 train much more interesting.

what would happen in a french film? well, it would have probably been that fat guy that peed on the airplane, so you would have just walked out of the train, with nothing to think about.

This was my response:

ha!  Love it!  In a French film I would have some horrible, deep dark secret, and we would have started meeting randomly on train platforms to have sex in rat-infested corners!

excusez moi, mon ami.

I would much rather have the Bollywood version!


AND this was my friend T’s response:

I saw GG’s outfit yesterday and — she looked EXTREMELY cute. I would have sent her the email ( :
Unfortunately, the boys are clearly not watching the same movies we are…in their movie the girl in the cute dress is probably some kind of evil shape-shifter who’s an alien from another planet. Hence it would not be wise to email.

This is a photo of me taken a few days ago. What? You guys no longer want to be my friends?

I ask the blogiverse…what would I do if I was not blessed with my great, wonderful, and lovely friends?  I am glad that I do not have to worry about that!

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