How do I know that my life is not a rom-com?

21 Sep

If I was in a movie (or if I was someone without some unknown curse for devious deeds committed in past lives, I sometimes worry) I would have met my future husband this morning.

OK, so this AM I woke up a bit foggy, a bit late and realized I had a medical appointment at 8:30AM.  I ran around trying to put together something to wear, and remembered that I had an idea for an outfit.  I dragged the dress out of the closet, and put on some nice tights and zipped up my boots.  I was looking pretty cute, although still foggy and half-asleep!

Of course, I got to the medical appointment too late (15 minutes) and they could not take me.  So I made my way to my office, taking a route I normally would not take.  I got on the 6 train at 33rd street on the way to Bleecker and sat down thinking “dang, I missed my appointment. Oh well, at least I look cute and my hair looks surprisingly nice even though I fell asleep with my hair wet and did not brush it this AM.”

I was so chuffed by all this, that I was not even that annoyed by the whole missed appointment thing.  And THEN I noticed a very attractive man sitting right in front of me.  I kept sneaking quick glances at him, but it did not seem like I registered with him at all.  Even with my cute dress!  Hmmph!

“Maybe I am not so cute,” I thought.  THEN, I look up and caught sight of this other dude on the train who looked familiar.  It was a guy that I went out on a date with a few months ago (someone I actually liked enough to want to hang out with again, and did not have anything wrong with his teeth, AND seemed SSS (stable, sane, secure), AND I was pretty sure would call me again, but never did:(  boo! ).  He was just getting off at the Union Square stop.  I wondered if he had seen me.  I hoped he had and that he saw how cute I looked in the dress, and would then think “hey, there is that cute girl I went out with and did not call for a second date  I am a real idiot.  But here she is, with a fab dress and cute boots with tights.  Maybe she is still single and would like to hang out again??? ” and send me an email.

I look up and the cute guy in front of me is now glancing at me.  “Ha!,” I thought.  At least he noticed something about me (i.e. cute dress).

I get off at my stop and walk over to my office fully expecting to log on to my computer and finding an email from M*** (the guy from the date over the summer).


In a movie, that WOULD happen.
In a movie, the guy on the train would say “cute dress” and ask me out.
In a movie, one of those men would be my future husband.
In a movie, the dream that I had last night with some strange dude that I do not know but oddly enough, I now realize, resembles M***-from-the-summer, that was my new boyfriend (in the dream) would be some strange cosmic “sign” that I had finally met the one for me.

In reality – nothing.

I still think I look cute, though.  But I may be the only one who thinks that.  And I may be WRONG!

And in real life, straight guys do not give a shit about cute dresses paired with tights and boots all that much.


5 Responses to “How do I know that my life is not a rom-com?”

  1. Struggling Dad September 21, 2011 at 3:41 pm #

    Pssst … I think us straight guys do care about the cute dresses, tights, and boots. Those guys, the ones on the train that were dumb enough not to look at you. Their loss.

    • goyagrrl September 22, 2011 at 2:13 pm #

      Aww shucks! Thanks. (AND, I *knew* it! You all do care about the cute dress/tights/boots combo!)

  2. ifUseekAmy September 21, 2011 at 4:02 pm #

    Aw man! I have only once in my many many years of riding the subways had someone hit on me and ask me out. Sadly, I was not single and while the gentleman was exceptionally sweet, I was not attracted to him. But I have had many instances of unwelcome body brushes by disgusting men. Or run-ins with men I have dated and NOT wanted to ever see again.

    Both of their losses! I’m sure you were the cutest girl on the 6 train (and running around the Village) today 🙂

    • goyagrrl September 22, 2011 at 2:15 pm #

      Ugh! Yes, the inappropriate body contact on public transport is one of the hazards of living in this fine city!
      Thanks for the uplifting words. My cute outfits shall never go to waste!

      • lifeandothermisadventures December 2, 2011 at 6:41 pm #

        You know what, though? A few months ago I was standing in the rain with my super-cute raincoat and polka dotted umbrella and apparently, my ex-boyfriend spotted me. He called me and said how cute I’d looked and how it made him miss me. Of course, unlike in the rom-com version, he’s still wrong for me 😦

        But, no reason not to wear your cutest outfits anyway… you never know.

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