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Irene, buenas noches.

31 Aug

Well, I have not posted for a while and lots has happened.  Since my sort-of-bleak postings about London, I have completed my 1st level exams for my doctoral program.  This is a HUGE milestone for me.  Going to school while working is no joke, people!  And I have been in school pretty much forever!!! (But in all honesty, I love learning new things, so I cannot complain.)

A few days after submitting the exam, I was dealing with Irene here in NYC.  Luckily, like the exam, it was not too bad.  I think the worst thing about it all was hearing poor Mayor Bloomberg’s pitiful, just pitiful, Spanish.  I do give him props for trying, but in all honesty – Spanish is a phonetic language, so anyone technically can speak it.  However, without the proper accent, it makes absolutely no sense.  As I read in an article yesterday, “In emergency situations…it would not be safe to listen to Bloomberg alone.”  Bloomie needs to try a wee bit more.  (Although as he mentions, he is 69, and I must say, homeboy looks good for his age!  Work it out Mayorador!)  See below.–viva-el-bloombito

Yup.  Listening to Bloomberg alone, when he is speaking in Spanish, can be bad for your health, mi gente!

We have been having a series of beautiful, crisp sunny days with blue skies here in NYC after the rains and wind.  But, something about this time of year always makes me a bit pensive, nostalgic and sad.  Maybe this particular year more than others.

I dedicate this song (one of my favorites by one of my favorite singers) to New Orleans, London, and NYC, as well as all those towns and cities recently affected by Irene.


The news from London

10 Aug

reminds me of the Ministry song, So What?


9 Aug

The news from London is heartbreaking.  I am so sad.

Snippets of a journey

3 Aug

What I left…

Looking forward


what I saw….

Life (Guard) Changes

Fellow travelers

London, Eye have my I on You!

these shoes are made for creeping

Fine Feathered Friends

Blue skies on the horizon

Thrown to the lions

Hitting the bottle

A well turned high-heel

and what was waiting for me when I got home…

Things are looking up!