Time to step away…

19 Jul

from the internet world of meeting potential mates.

Here is an email I received from Mr. Teeth yesterday:

“Hi Goyagrrl,

wondering what to try to do this week. are you leaving wed or thursday?
i’m very likely going away on wed afternoon, so we’d probably have
to meet up tomorrow, i guess? is that too much a stress, too much to do?
this week is all of a sudden a crush for time….

how you?

Mr. Teeth”

Here was my response:

“Hi Mr. Teeth,

I am well…hope all is well on your end.  I am leaving for out of town on Wednesday  and pretty booked up until then.  Also, it has truly been very nice getting to know you and hanging out. I just do not think there are any real
sparks between us. I wish you all the best of luck and hope everything works
out .

And this was HIS response…

“Whew. I’m glad you said it first!
You’re a cool girl…Probably you have a good network of friends, maybe
we even overlap a bit, you know?
Stay in touch if you like. I have some pretty decent single guy friends. ;)”

Really?  REALLY?  Come on.  I just find his response so irritating and condescending.  Is it just me?  Wouldn’t a “thanks for letting me know,”  suffice?

Other than that – this is my 100th 101st post!  Yeah, blog!  And I am leaving town for about a week so, until then….


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