18 Jul

What can I say?  It was a pretty non-stressful second date.  But it was also pretty much a non-ANYTHING date.  The guy did not take any sort of initiative to make plans and we wound up walking around aimlessly in the park.  I do not necessarily mind this in general, but I was not feeling all that great and I was pretty tired from earlier in the day.  And it was hot and humid.  After about two and a half hours, I said, “I am sorry but I am beat, I need to head home.”

And to be honest, I kind of started to get the the sense over the course of our emails during the week that the dude is just sort of wishy-washy.  That, plus the EXTREMELY startling realization that both the top AND bottom set of teeth were really, really (I mean, REALLY) messed up, along with a wandering left eye (literally, not a euphemism) and well….I just did not find myself all that attracted to him.  Pure and simple.  Very nice, decent and smart.  Those qualities I like very much.  But missing some other qualities that I most certainly need in order to make the effort to continue to hang out.

Plus, I have an inkling he also was not feeling it, either- as he:

A) Did not try to smooch me.

B) Has not contacted me since Saturday evening.

So, all is good in the world.

Too bad, though.  I did fall into deep like  with his dog, and she has much nicer, evenly aligned teeth.



2 Responses to “Well…”

  1. Struggling Dad July 18, 2011 at 3:55 pm #

    Hilarious final comment/photo…LOL!!

    I have a question … I am only now starting to think about starting to date again now I’ve been separated for 6 months. Would you normally expect a guy who is interested to be looking for a smooch by date #2? Maybe I’m Mr. Slow Motion, but I would have expected it to be later. Maybe I’m behind the times!!

    • goyagrrl July 18, 2011 at 4:41 pm #

      Hi there – good question. Not NECESSARILY. But I guess in the context of all the other things I described, it seemed like another example of there just not being any chemistry between us.

      I will tell you one thing – if one is interested in someone, and ready to put in some effort, then *definite* plans should be made on the first few dates, in advance. And if by the second date you are feeling sparks, and you have an inkling that the other person is feeling the sparks, then by all means, go in for a smooch!

      Anyone else have an opinion on this?

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