Another unstressful first date.

15 Jul

This past Saturday, I met up with yet another gentleman (this one ACTUALLY deserves the term) that first contacted me on OKCupid.  We met at 6pm and spent the next 5 or so hours talking, eating and wandering about.  It was really nice, and I thought he was pretty cute.

He gallantly offered to drive me home, and I went with my instincts and said ok, after asking him if he was a serial killer and had any plans to cut me up into little pieces because I was NOT interested in that happening;)

Anyways, he dropped me off and no funny-business ensued.

That same night (as I was watching episodes of 30 Rock on Netflix.  Yes, I am officially hooked…) he sent me an email thanking me for a “pretty fine evening.”  I responded, with a “and thank you….”

He asked me to hang out again, and we have set up plans for tomorrow.  Let’s see if I can report a second date that is not stressful.  Although I am setting the bar pretty low for date number two (if it is not stressful and I can actually laugh with him again, then all is good in my book), and as I have mentioned in an earlier post, the second date in the online world is more like a real FIRST date, I also have much higher expectations for anyone that I would want to continue to get to know.  Much higher than I have EVER had in my whole life.

I used to pretty much be open to anything and anyone, stemming from a bad case of the low-self-esteems due to my less-than-stellar luck with guys in high-school.

I now see how foolish this was.  Because a few pubescent male beings did not find me attractive when I was 16, I proceed to try and “work” with the wounded birds of maledom for the next 20 years of my life????

Nope.  Not anymore.  And I feel pretty sheepishly silly now that I see as plain as, well,…plain yogurt, the fault of my ways.

Wish me luck, folks.  This guy seems pretty AOK thus far.  Not a wining-and-dining type.  We went dutch.  But did want to share his food with me.  And did automatically shake my hand and give me a kiss on the cheek when we met.  And did send me an email during the week asking “how my day was going.”

So, ok in my book, thus far…..and I did get a slight, slight case of the tummy flutters (even though the bottom row of his teeth are kind of jacked, but sort of in an awesomely f*ed up way), so…

Messed up chompers. But sweet. And cute.

The X had perfect teeth and a really “nice” smile.  I now associate those things with vanity and skullduggery – the narcissist’s emblems.  Just sayin’.

Nice teeth. No soul.


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