Tina Fey! Are you making fun of me?

7 Jul

Wow.  I am on a post roll today.  Two in a row.

Sooooooooo…………..I will openly admit.  I am a bit behind the times.  I have only recently started to watch 30 Rock.  And it is hilarious, and witty and a great time-suck.

And that Liz Lemon.  Girl, you are preaching to this choir with a solo-member (me.)

But then it hit me.  Is Tina Fey making fun of me?

Don’t get me wrong.  I love Tina Fey.  I feel like she gets it.  I mean, look at Liz.  Smart, single, struggling, sassy, (relatively) sane.  She wears flannel pajamas.  I wear flannel pajamas.  EVEN when I have a boyfriend.  She is always shocked by attractive, single men who are interested in her (rare, but it happens).  So am I.  Then we both come to the horrid realization that something is wrong with these men.  The guy is crazy.  Or wants to move to Cleveland.  Or is your cousin.

Most of the time, the dudes are NOT that attractive, but still crazy and possibly related to you.

But, you know what?  Tina Fey has NEVER had these struggles.  She may have been a nerd back in the day, but she has been with her (very attractive, intelligent, not related to her as far as I know, and successful) husband forEVS, and has a cute daughter and a baby on the way.

Not struggling, and not laying alone in her flannels with Vicks under her nose.  So even if Tina enjoys her hoagies, and snarky puns, etc.,  she is far from the serially-single Liz Lemon.  She has not felt the pain.  She is not drawing from her past experiences.

Which is how I came to the stomach-dropping, side-eye squinting conclusion that Tina Fey is making fun of me and MY LIFE.

Screw you, Tina.

Tina, YOU are just MEAN. Stop rubbing it in my face.

Liz, YOU are the BOMB!


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