Apartment Dynamics

14 Jun

I finally, FINALLY have my apartment all cleaned, freshly painted, and organized.  I finally FINALLY moved the furniture around in my bedroom and am so happy with the space.  While I was with the X, I began to hate the bedroom – it felt so cluttered and stuffed with crap.  The energy was heavy and grey.  Even after he left and I went around the apartment shifting and clearing and cleaning, the bedroom remained as the one room I just did not feel all that great in.  It is like his energy was somehow still trapped in there, despite all my efforts to exorcise it.

I got a new bed, but was never really able to bring myself to really tackle the reconfiguration of the room itself.

Well, that all changed this past weekend.  I moved the bed up against a different wall.  I got rid of some shelves he had put up.  I moved the dressers to another corner to make more room, and let more natural light in.

And now I am in love with my apartment, including my bedroom – all over again.  And any traces of the X have been officially BANISHED!



2 Responses to “Apartment Dynamics”

  1. Struggling Dad June 14, 2011 at 7:41 pm #

    This is an excellent move on your part! Painting and basic renovating can change the feel of a room very quickly, so it’s great that it’s worked for you!

    Since my wife has left, I have taken lots of things to the Dump. Those old and crappy cabinets in the utilities room? Gone. The standing cupboard that no-one used because it was dirty? Gone. The huge white cabinet that she over-filled with crap? Gone. The disorganized and over-full closets? Tidied up.

    Sometimes, when I working really hard on the house, it’s only reorganizing and cleaning out things, but it makes me feel like I am creating a new place. I like it.

    • goyagrrl June 15, 2011 at 1:56 pm #

      Good for you! Am happy to hear that the cleansing process is helping. It definitely helps to get new, more positive energy flowing in by getting the crappy stuff OUT!

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