3 unstressful dates in a row

6 Jun

I have been writing lots about the past – so I figured it was time to shake things up a bit and write about more recent events. In the last two weeks, I have gone out on 3 dates in a row (No, not with the same dude.  3 different dudes).  And they ALL have been:

1) Normal

2) Nice

3) Non-stressful.

Yeah for the 3 Ns!

I did not feel any chemistry or sparks with 1*(technically this was date #2.  But the first one does not really count, as it was short, due to my being EXTREMELY hungover from the previous night (see “I am mortified”) and I told him I was recovering from a bout of food poisoning…)* and I  felt attracted to the other two, and of those two, hoped that 1 in particular would want to hang out again.

But I do not think he will, as a full 24 hours have passed (we met for coffee in the early afternoon yesterday), and as I have come to (finally) learn – if a dude is interested, he will most definitely initiate contact sooner rather than later.  Plus, I could see that he was online last night (damn you, OKCupid!  Why do you show me these things even when I do not want to know?), and there was no email waiting to say “good morning – you are the most fabulicious creature I have ever met in my life!” when I logged in this AM.    Me, sad😦 

But STILL fabulicious.  Even with my cold and slight laryngitis.  Yup, that is how I pitched up on my date, sounding like Tom Waits, ‘cuz that is how I roll….  Do you think this may have something to do with the absence of an email asking to hang out again?  Yeah.  Me neither.

Oh well.  Regardless, I feel happy that I have had a string of nice guys to interact with during these tortuous social events known as “dates”.

Here is to continuing with the nice guys until I find one that I like and that likes me.  Maybe then I can write about dates #2-etc….


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