The Red Flags I Chose to Ignore: Number 2. Or 34. Actually, 39!

27 May

So after the emails back and forth, and a plan to meet, and then a disappearance on the X’s part and then an email on my part to say that I was looking forward to meeting upon his return (can you say, desperate goyagrrl!) and yadda yadda yada – we make a date.

And within about 15 minutes of our first date – it is revealed that the X is not 34, but 39.  A good, full, five-years younger than his listed age.

When I point out this discrepancy, the X says “Really!  Are you sure?  I must have made a mistake in clicking on my year of birth in the profile!”  And, although deep, deep down, I did not believe that response, I said to myself, “‘well, it is possible…

Because I was pretty naive.  I mean, really.  WHY? Why would anyone blatantly lie about their age?  Especially a guy – an attractive, employed (ha!  that flag waves in the wind a little farther off, my fine-feathered blog friends), intelligent (double HA!) man who looks young for his age anyways.

Again, I swallowed some more misgivings and apprehension and continued with the date.

Like repeatedly eating spicy, stomach-acid-producing foods when you have an ulcer, all this cramming of my own JUDGEMENT OF SOMETHING BEING TERRIBLY WRONG down caused the most serious case of psychological and emotional indigestion I have ever experienced.


2 Responses to “The Red Flags I Chose to Ignore: Number 2. Or 34. Actually, 39!”

  1. Struggling Dad May 27, 2011 at 7:50 pm #

    It’s terrible that you have had such a difficult time. I know one divorced parent near me who had a profile on a dating site. He revealed that he has listed his age as 5 years younger than it really is. So I am sure that your ex knew exactly what he was doing.

    I don’t understand what this local guy is thinking (or your ex for that matter). Does he think he can keep his real age a secret for long? What is his plan when a woman finds out he lied about something fundamental — why would she trust anything else that he said? Is he doing it to attract much younger women? (Which would be a little creepy.)

    The funny thing — at least I find it funny — is that I have read two different blogs now where men have lied about their height. Their height, you know that thing you notice when YOU FIRST MEET SOMEONE FACE-TO-FACE. So, both female bloggers have turned up at dates to discover they are not shorter than the man but taller than their dates…by inches.

    Sinc we’re about crazy guys … why does ANY man wear a toupée?? Don’t they realize that they are obvious from about a half-mile distance?? They might as well wear a dead fox on their head. Weird.

    • goyagrrl May 30, 2011 at 8:27 pm #

      Ha! Seriously. And WHAT is up with the comb-over? It is almost worst than the toupée, in my opinion. I mean, really! Do comboverists really think they are getting away with it?

      I think the bottom line is that these poor disordered souls (not necessarily just men, mind you) are looking for someone that will collude with them, not necessarily BELIEVE them. It is how they feel powerful and in control. Like the Emperor’s New Clothes.

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