Feeling Floppy

5 Apr

I really do not get men.  I have been on this planet (almost) 39 years and I am still confused.

Men seeking to meet and date ladies online that email back and forth but never ask about the other person’s interests, work, etc…Don’t get them.

Men that spend hours upon hours talking all night with a lady and then, nothing.  No “let’s hang out again,” no nothing…..don’t get them.

I used to think that in these situations, the men were “just not that into” me.  But now I see it as maybe a glimmer from the universe that these are the ones best left alone…

No need to chase them and no need to make things “easier” for them – no matter how cute and engaging they may seem on “virtual” paper or even in person.

Regardless, I feel like my latest interactions with the male species have just been sad little flops.

Maybe I am being too pessimistic though – I mean, really – I hung out with the dude until 1AM on Thursday, and I started emailing with the other dude yesterday.

whatevs.  Still feeling floppy and am going to allow the floppiness to swirl on through and run its course;)  It actually ain’t so bad.


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