23 Feb

You know, if you make it a point of emphasizing in your online profile that you are a real grammar snob (“I am a bit of a grammar nut and own (and have read) multiple style guides…”) and highlight that your commitment to writing and style can possibly lead to the deaths of furry creatures (“…god kills a kitten every time someone says “your” instead of “you’re”….”), PLEASE do not send a prospective date the following email in response to a well written, grammatically correct, and all around easy-to-understand email.

I give you all this example.  Mr. Grammar Nut and I have exchanged a few emails.  My last one mentioned my ability to cook paella from scratch.  This is what I received from Mr. Grammar Nut in response,

“I have no doubt that your other qualities (paella really? I am salivating right now).
How the upcoming week for you?”

Huh?  WTF?  You know I own a cat.  Maybe you correctly used “your” but you left me hanging with that first sentence.  And I do not even want to know what happens to kittens if you forget an apostrophe+s when you want to ask “how is” quickly and casually.

So….yeah.  Note to any guys that make it a point of tooting their own horns regarding their mastery of the English language (or anything else for that matter) on a public forum: make sure you can actually do it.  If not, do not include it in your profile.  Aside from erroneously advertising, you run the risk of being called out (anonymously, of course) on the blogs of many annoyed single-and-looking peeps.


One Response to “Note.”

  1. borntowalkalone February 25, 2011 at 2:05 am #

    I agree. This is why I do not make such a claim in my profile. I like it when a woman knows English (humor here), but I won’t be a stickler about grammar. Proper word usage and spelling affects me more. The profile should roughly reflect the amount of education acquired. Even then, I like to keep my profile casual.

    I’m wondering how many men like me go unnoticed. For the life of me, I don’t know what more I could do to appease the smart cookies in my area. Something is rotten somewhere. Gremlins, maybe. Who knows?

    It is entirely possible that I have been called out in a blog, but for other reasons entirely. It’s very easy to evoke anger on OKCupid. My profile does call attention to a couple of specific and troubling trends, albeit in a somewhat more friendly fashion.

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