Origins and blessings

16 Feb

Lately I have been thinking lots about the reasons why I originally began blogging.  I also recently read Melanie Thernstrom’s amazing memoir, The Pain Chronicles, and her work made me think about the blessings I can count from the painful path that led me to where I am, right now, right here in my life.

So I am taking on a self-imposed challenge.  Although Wednesday is still Ventsday, I am going to come up with 100 blessings that have resulted from the things that have been oh-so-not-wonderful in the last couple of years of my personal journey.

#1)  Faced demons and survived.  Continuing to do so.  Demons slowly losing power and ability to frighten.  For this, I am blessed, even if I really had to go through some sh*t in order to get here.  If I didn’t, I think I would still be afraid, and even worse, afraid to admit that I feel fear.


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