Happy New Year – Again!

3 Feb

Today kicks off the the Chinese Lunar New Year – the year of the Rabbit! (Or is it the year of the Cat?  See – http://news.discovery.com/animals/year-of-the-rabbit-or-the-year-of-the-cat.html)

Regardless, out with the Tiger!!!  According to my thoroughly unscientific research (see below), this new year is one to be filled with peace and tranquility, as opposed to the rages and ravages of last year.

All sounds good to me.  What a relief.

So, put on some red, and hop on out (no pun intended.  ok, well maybe a little…)to some celebratory festivities if at all possible.

And dim sum.  Mmmmm. Dim sum.


Is it my year?

Or my year?


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