Mr. Backpedal?

19 Jan

Last night I had a phone conversation with Mr. Normal.  Basically, I called to bring up the content of our conversation the other night, and my conclusion that we simply were interested in different things.  And then the weird hit the fan, and I wound up feeling frustrated, confused, and all around slightly depressed.  His response to my initial statement (I think we want different things) was “You want something lighter than me?”  HUH?

I said, no – actually the opposite.  I want the possibility of a future with someone, together – married, and the possibility of children.  He then said that, aside from the kids thing, he wanted that too – to have a life together with someone.  When I mentioned to him that this info was very different from what he had told me the night before, his response was something along the lines of “oh, I may have been unclear.”

I found the whole conversation frustrating – mostly because I actually do like him.  But already, this is all so complicated – and I just can’t deal with any more of that.

I told him that I needed to end the conversation, and that we could talk again some other time.  He said he would call me tonight.

After talking to my pal E about all this, I realize that having my own children is something that is important for me, and I am not interested in giving that up as a possibility.  So Mr. Backpedal, it is time for me to say good-bye.

As for the thing that may be interesting – I will keep you all posted when and if anything develops from it.



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