My last “date”

20 Dec

So I have begun my experiment in not dating, but I have some carry over.  I had already been corresponding with “J” since Thanksgiving, and we finally made plans to meet this evening.  I have to say, I am pretty skeptical about this meeting (what?  I thought you would be shocked – SHOCKED!).  His profile seemed fine, and our interactions via email and on the phone were pretty nondescript (sadly, this is what one strives for in dating!).  Until yesterday.  Then I got a glimmer of what may come.

J mentioned going to a holiday party over the weekend.  I also had gone to a party over the weekend.  We swapped stories.  Then, at the end of his, he mentioned getting into it with “some chick, I think she is pretty prominent in your field” and how he had some sort of verbal sparring session with her over a “social issue”.  He did not want to go into it with me, because he did not want to relive it.  And, so…..yeah.  Then he mentioned how basically, he thought she just needed to “get laid”.

Now granted, I have no idea what exactly transpired.  Who truly knows what happened.  Maybe he was on the side of the underdog as far as social justice issues are concerned, and this woman was some kind of right-wing radical Republican, and is a doctor and so that is what he meant by her being in my field.  (I am in public health, BTW, very different.  And I am very NOT conservative, and VERY pro-choice.)  Maybe she disclosed she was feeling sexually repressed, because her crazy-ass right-wing Republican husband only wanted sexy times to procreate and home-girl already has 13 kids at home.  Hence, she really did just need to get laid.

Yet, somehow, I do not think that this was the case.

I am thankful that after tonight, I will no longer be dating.  And even more thankful for the fact that I am not even going to try to look even remotely “dressed for a date” this evening, because I am truly, and most optimistically, not hopeful about this date, and am going to try my very best to dress not to impress.* So jeans, sweater and Camper boots, get ready.


*DISCLAIMER: But I must say, my outfit is pretty cute, regardless.


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