Happy Thanksgiving!

24 Nov

This year, I AM thankful, and honestly happy!  Last year, I was in a miserable relationship with someone who could only consistently provoke anxiety and despair in me (well, and pretty much anyone around him, including himself!).  This year, I am open and hopeful for true and authentic love in my life – love that is in keeping with the love that I am blessed with having from, and for, my family and friends.  In keeping with the love and respect I have for myself.

Last year, the X said to me, “maybe we should celebrate with our respective families”  because he was too “busy” to deal with logistical issues (i.e. planning on when to catch a bus to make it to his mom’s place in Cape Cod in time for dinner.  Yup, real rocket science.)  The statement devastated me.  This, coming from the man who supposedly wanted to marry me and start a family with me.  I mean, weren’t we a family?  Hence, shouldn’t WE be spending it together, no matter what?  (This was by far not the first, or last, or worst of the asinine things the X spewed.)

So, if i could send a little turkey covered card to the X with jovial blessings for the holiday – this is what it would say:

“Guess what?  Your wish has been granted!!!!  A whole year and happier me later!  Happy T-day, Turkey!  I am truly thankful and happy that I am here today, without your madness  constantly causing me to pray that one of us chokes on that wishbone!”

And to you all the card would say – “ENJOY!”


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