*cough cough*

15 Nov

Yes, I really fell off the wagon and smoked almost a whole pack of cigarettes this weekend.  The stress of a complicated and tedious project for graduate school that is due this Tuesday, and the looming, colossal amount of work that is yet to be done in my near and far graduate school future got to me.

But, I did snap out of it.  Gotta keep trying to stay quit. I threw the pack away. And although I am still stressed, I am working on this project as best as I can, without harming my body.

My journey lately has been having a whole lots of ups and downs, but I see glimmers of change – in me, in my attitude, in the way I approach life.  I am trying to embrace all this as a process of growth and learning, and as with anything that is new, there are a lot of mistakes to be made before things start to click.

Sorry if this post is not making much sense.  I am just ridiculously EXHAUSTED by schoolwork!




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