Baby it is cooooooold out

2 Nov

I have not posted in a while and thought I would catch all of you reading out there (anyone?  anyone?  Frye? Frye? Bueller? Bueller?)  up on the trials and tribulations of Goyagrrl’s life.  Thankfully, things have been pretty low-key and calm.  I have been having a nice few weeks since my mini-meltdown-revelation-catalyst-to-change moment last month.  It is now November, and I am happy to report that although it is cold – I have been enjoying my autumn.  I even went out to a Halloween party (shocker!  I cannot remember the last time I went out on Halloween, much less dressed up!) in a costume!  (I went as a genie.) I had a good ol’ time with some good friends and did not get my little cold arse home until almost 5AM!  After sleeping a few hours (too few hours) I made my way uptown to my cousin’s house.  The girls, my mom, and I decorated pumpkins and fun was had by all.  However, I was exhausted and went straight to bed when I got home.  Which means that I barely got any of my adult responsibilities (like work for school, beauty rest, laundry, etc) handled this weekend.  Woot!

I have been thinking about taking a big trip in January or February to visit some friends, but I am also really looking forward to being right here for the upcoming holidays.  Something about all the lights up all over the city, and the fact that everyone leaves town (ha!) makes it a great time to be in NYC.  And as I live here, I can safely visit family and then make my way back to my OWN home, without too much disturbance, drama, or trauma.

As for my orange-optimism experiment, it is going well.  I am feeling more hopeful and relaxed, and my usual dark and dreary-isms aside,  can say that deep down, I now DO think things will work out and are working out.

What a change from November 2009!

Yup. It all pretty much work's out in the end.


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