Squeezing a glass-half-full of oranges

15 Oct


I randomly picked up this book by Amy Spencer.  It is called Meeting Your Half-Orange: An Utterly Upbeat Guide to Using Dating Optimism to Find Your Perfect Match.  Now, I have to say – at times I am embarrassed by the amount of self-help literature I have read in the last decade or so.  (AT times, I couldn’t care less -, and am not in the least bit embarrassed,as I am too busy with my nose in book gaining lots of much needed insight).  But I have to say, I am really liking this particular book because it is the first one that I have read thus far that is just saying – “You don’t have to do anything, just want it and be optimistic.”  It sounds simple and hokey and at the same time, brilliant.  Other books I have read take on the whole “when the time is “right” it will happen” or “you are getting in your own way” or “you do not want it badly enough”…blah blah blah.  And you know what I say to all that now?  Fooey.  It is all a load of hogwash.  I know plenty of people that were not at all in the “right” time, and they most certainly were getting in their own way, and continue to do so.  But you know what?  I do not want their relationships.  I want my very own, true relationship – the one that is right for me.  And I am ready for it.  So…..

Meeting Your Half-Orange has a simple philosophy, believe it will happen and that it will come to you and just enjoy your life!  Maybe it will happen in 10 days, or 8 months, or 10 years, but believe it will happen. So relax,  and enjoy your life now – not in the “meantime” but right now!

For me, this has opened up a window, and I feel a huge sense of relief, like a burden has been lifted off my shoulders, of self doubt, blame, and deprecation.

Simply put, it is ok that I want what I want, and it is ok to be hopeful.  You do not have to settle and you are not being “too picky”.  You do not need to heal any more wounded birds and it WILL work out.  I am starting to believe that, somewhere deep within me.

So this half-orange  is in the process of practicing being a glass-half-full-half orange, and wants to attract the same!

Here is a link to the author’s website





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