Thoughts and threads.

21 Sep

It is September, and summer has left.  I have been having a less than lovely last few days.  On Saturday I was hanging out with contender #1 – he is no longer a contender.  Let’s just say that the guy is very sweet and nice, and honest.  But not solid or even stable, so – I had asked the universe to make it very clear to me if someone is not right for me, and the universe has complied.  Same for another that I had recently started emailing – there were tentative plans to meet next week, and then nothing.  Again, if the universe is making it clear – I thank it, but I cannot say that I am not left without disappointment.

The X contacted me about some money stuff, it turns my stomach so viscerally whenever I think about it that I cannot even write about it just yet.  Regardless, it was something I needed (thanks again, universe!) as it confirmed the time has come to cut those remaining, dangling few threads, and for this I feel relieved as well as happy that I am strong enough now to do it.

So universe, here is a thought and a request – if there are still a few good men out there, and I believe that there are – would it be possible to have one that is right for me and my needs and circumstances in the long run to come my way sooner rather than later?  Until then, keep up the good work in letting me know which ones are not.


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