easy. breezy. moquito-eeeee

10 Aug

I never reported on my second date with contender #1.  It was great.  And no falls, trips, or losses of consciousness (or conscience)!  That, in and of itself, is pretty major.  Methinks, me like.  We sat in a quiet section of a neighborhood park and drank coffee with the evening breeze blowing, and mosquitos happily sucking on my blood while we smooched.  Homeboy is off to Spain for a month, though.  We shall see if he writes a promised post-card.  I also had a first date with a non-contender #2.  Polite-ish guy, no sparks, not for me.  Actually, he was slightly annoying and strange, and trying to be provocative in a passive-aggressive way.  Blah. 

On this date as well, I was attacked by mosquitos, even though we were technically indoors, but by a big open window.  However, I was thankful for these blood-sucking and itch-inducing insects this time around, as I used them as an excuse to get up on out of there.  Something I did NOT do with contender #1.  Maybe they saw the clear indications of sucking success by their winged brethren and thought “this chick is for us!”

Now my legs look like maybe they belong to a hard-core heroin junky.  But I would rather this than a busted chin and swollen eye.  oh wait, I have those, too!

Next  week, I have a date with a possible contender #3.  He is taking me to a reading/concert.  As I wrote in an email to him, I am “ridiculously excited” about this.  I have never been to Greenpoint before, even though I grew up in NYC, and have been living in Brooklyn for years.  That is what I love about this city.  You can always walk down a new street, hit up a new neighborhood…. I am a lucky gal.  If I don’t already have West Nile Virus, that is.


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