22 Jun

Move over Morrissey, I am with Mr. Marr now!

This weekend, I had yet another very confusing interaction with my crush.  Although said crush is dating someone (he is never out with her whenever he and I are out with a group of friends), he always makes a point of coming over to sit next to me, or talk to me, pay attention to me, etc.  But then…nothing.  A weak end.  It is strange.  Men are strange.

Actually, no – it is not that strange.  The guy may have an affinity towards me – but that is the extent of it.  Many men have had an affinity towards me, but nothing ever comes of it.  And when I force SOMETHING to happen, it inevitably leads to an unfulfilling outcome.  This is because I often mistakenly believe that  having anything happen is better than having nothing happen.  Not always true, my friends. 

This sort of thing has plagued me pretty regularly over the course of my life – ever since a certain mohawked boy with glasses and braces (he was 15, I was 17) flirted with me desperately at a school dance until he caught my attention.  Once he finally did and I was hooked – he disappeared and began dating someone else ( who I later found out he lost his virginity to, much to my dismay and despair.  Cue The Smiths) and never would even speak to me to say hello when we would bump into each other at random Sunday punk rock shows at ABC No Rio (oh…young, unrequited love in the 8o’s…)

21 years of weak ends. 

Splitting hairs, am I?


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