another ex-sighting, not exciting.

16 Jun

…well – actually, it was his bike.  Honestly, that bike is like an appendage – it might as well be him.  So, after a break-up, how do you handle the ex deciding to stay and live in the neighborhood?  (Even though while we were together, he was constantly spouting how much he HATED living in the area…and wanted to leave NYC to move to SF.  But now, not only is NYC just fine, so is the zip code that I have been living in for the past 13 years! WTF?)

No comprendo.

I think soon I will be able to shift the general theme thus far of this blog, and start a new chapter.  Not everything in my life is about the X anymore.  I have started to take didgeridoo classes.  I am getting into revamping and overhauling the apartment.  I am planning trips and activities with friends.  I am starting to go to Zumba classes again (Alma, my instructor, is a star!)  Maybe some day I will even date again…that is, if I come across a nice, sane, solid, & caring eligible bachelor.


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