28 Apr

I deserve to have a relationship that is healthy – one where I am unbelievably happy to be with my partner, and he is happy with me, despite the trials and tribulations inherent in life.  I deserve to be giddily joyful with him, feel safety and security and stability with him.  I deserve to be properly proposed to, and happily anticipate our marriage.  I deserve to be elated to find out that I am pregnant, and have a partner that is ecstatic to start a family with me.  Not just in words, but in his actions and behaviors.  In our souls and the cores of our beings, we are HAPPY.  I deserve to be with someone who is as considerate and kind and gentle and appreciative as I am.


2 Responses to “Deserve”

  1. girlcalledlily May 3, 2010 at 1:31 pm #

    I came home to my parents’ house when I broke off my engagement last month. I’ve been lucky enough to have a safe and supportive place to land. But I keep on looking for other people out there – women making these kinds of decisions for themselves and for the rest of their lives. So, thank you for putting your thoughts out there, for writing, for reaching out. I’m here too. Another voice out in the wide world, another woman searching, feeling relieved and depressed, alone and, still, better.

    Come find me if you like, if you want. Or just know we’re all seeking and you’re not alone in your new aloneness.

    • goyagrrl May 6, 2010 at 2:01 pm #

      Hello and thanks for leaving your comment. I am glad that you are in a warm and supportive environment during these tough times. I know that my friends have been a HUGE source of support and comfort for me, and I will forever be grateful to them. I hope you are feeling better and stronger as the days go by. I know that I am, and although I still feel sad at times, I feel relieved that I made the right decision. Drop me a line whenever you like!

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