On pins and needles

22 Mar

Last week, I went to a new acupuncture provider’s office for a session.  I have done acupuncture once before, although I am pretty sure that the person who treated me that time is not licensed, but more about that later.  I find the whole process of having fine, hair-like needles poked into my skin calming and oddly pleasant, but what I liked most about this new provider was her spot-on diagnosis of what was going on with me, holistically– “You are having trouble with transitions, and you just need some help.” 

YES!  I love the philosophy of acupuncture!  No judgements, no shame – quite simply and clearly, I need some help.  Why is that so difficult for so many of us as we get older?  Asking for help, feeling ok with needing help with the things that supposedly, when they finally happen, will magically fall into place smoothly – like partnering, marrying, parenting, etc.  But you are stumped when they do not.  And you feel like a loser for having such a hard time adjusting.

How come no one ever talks about this stuff   Am I the only one having such a difficult time transitioning to life as part of a couple?



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